Screenshot from Motion Graph Sample Screenshot from Motion Graph Sample Screenshot from Motion Graph Sample Screenshot from Motion Graph Sample

Blendshapes With TBO(Texture Buffer Objects)

Motion Graphs - The idea being here that data is kept in a graph data structure. Ever nodes are representetd by the frames and transition is done by moving from one frame to frame another depicting the desired motion or event.

Parametric Motions Data - Using dimension reduction techniques - the high dimensional motion data is reduduce and visualied in a number of parameters - And hence the this allows infinite amount freedom for generating new motion as they are more or less generated via interpolation.

Motion Field – Relatively new techiniques - where instead of using the graph structure. Information is extrated in the form of Vectors and quaternions. And these can be used to compute the motion in real time.

Building a Motion Graph :

  1. The first step when constructing the graph, is to split these streams into small clips of several frames. These motion clips serve as our transition edges.
  2. The nodes of the graphs are the connections between these motion clips and the points at which one can choose between several outgoing motion clips. While animating a character, transition is taken and strung together to the completed animation. Main steps in the process being :
    • Finding Candidate Transition Points
    • Create New Transitions
    • Pruning The Graph

Video :

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